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Avoid Plumbing Issues This Holiday

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Avoid Plumbing Issues This Holiday

Did you know that one of the busiest times of years for plumbers is around the holidays? While we love the extra work and a chance to meet new clients, we hate to see our clients suffer from plumbing problems that can be easily prevented. Our local plumber has put together a few helpful tips and tricks for you this holiday season. If you are planning on hosting guests for a long weekend or even throwing a holiday party you’ll definitely want to finish reading this article!

4 Easy Holiday Plumbing Tips

  • Don’t put grease or liquid fats down your kitchen sink. The pipes in your home are not designed to process grease or liquid fats which would build up if you constantly poured those down the drain. Instead you should pour the grease or liquid fats in an empty can and let them solidify. Then you can dispose of the can in the trashcan.
  • Don’t use your garbage disposal as a trash can. If you put large amounts of food scraps down your garbage disposal then they will build up over time (yes even if you grind them up). As a result your plumbing will clog and cause costly repairs.
  • Unclog drains before having house guests. Often times you shower drains and sink drains can build up hair, soap film, tooth paste build up, and bacteria. It is important that you routinely clean your drains to avoid this issue.
  • Winterize your pipes. If the pipes inside your home are not properly winterized then pressure builds up and can cause an ice blockage. This is one of the most costly winter plumbing repairs that can easily be avoided with winterizing your system.


Barbos Plumbing provides reliable and competitive plumbing repair and installation services across the Olympia, Washington area. We hope that you have a wonderful and carefree holiday, but in the event you need quality plumbing services at a reasonable rate than contact our office today!