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Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

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Yes, over time if your toilet keeps running it can be costly and negatively effect the environment. Constant running of your toilet means that this part of your plumbing system is constantly working.

If your toilet is running nonstop then we recommend that you get it checked out by a plumber. There are a number of things that could need to be done in order to stop the constant running including:

• Toilet adjustment
• The flapper on your toilet could need to be changed
• Your water level could need adjustment

There are a variety of reasons as to why your faucet could be leaking. The leak could be common with that particular make or model, or could be a result of general wear over time. If your faucet is leaking then we recommend that you call a plumbing company to come check it out. Depending on the specific problem we will fix the leak. Possible fixes could be:

• The faucet cartilage might need to be changed
• The springs might need to be switched out
• General maintenance might be required over time

A tankless water heater doesn’t store water. The water is only heated when there is a demand on the hot water system from the fixture. With the tankless style water heater you do have to wait for the water to heat up.

The conventional hot water keeps hot water on demand. With this you have unlimited hot water so you are good to go. However, this can be very expensive.

There are pros and cons to each water heater system. We recommend that you connect with one of our plumbing experts to discuss your best water heater options.

Typically a tank style water heater will lasts 10-12 years with proper maintenance. In addition, our plumbers recommend that you always consider the placement of your system in case of a leak. In the event that your water heater leaks you would want the heater in a place where the least amount of damage would occur.

Yes, a plumber can increase your water pressure with a booster pump. However, in this area people tend to have high water pressure. High water pressure can be tough on your fixtures and plumbing system. An experienced plumbing company can install pressure reducing valves to lower the water pressure.

If fixtures are located on exterior wall then you will want to ensure that you winterize the faucet.

With internal fixtures we recommend that you crack any cabinet doors around the faucet during colder months. In addition, if there is extreme weather then we recommend that you leave a slow drip on faucet.

There are two types of exterior faucets.

1) Frost free hose bibs – with this you do not need to do anything to winterize the faucets. It is important that you do not leave the hose connected to it. If you leave the faucet connected then it can freeze and break.

2) Traditional hose bib -with the older style faucets you do need to wrap it in the winter. It is key that you take note to do this. If not it could freeze, drip, break, and ect.