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Get Ready for Garden Season

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Get Ready for Garden Season

Now that May has arrived we can officially put the cold winter months behind us and start enjoying all that the warmer weather has to offer! Our local Olympia, Washington plumber has found that as temperatures start to rise in the area more people are active in their yards. Whether you are doing yard clean up or planting new plants or a garden, you’ll most likely need to utilize your hose.

Your outside hose is one of the most commonly used tools that you depend on more than you think. From cleaning off outside furniture, washing the dog, to watering your new garden a hose makes outside chores a lot easier!

Our plumber recommends that you winterize your outside hose bib every winter to avoid costly damages. You should always drain the hose fully and then unscrew the hose bib prior to the first major freeze. This will help prevent the hose from bursting, splitting, and/ leaking when you turn it on again in the spring.

In the event that you did not properly winterize your hose bib and have an issue when you go to use it for the first time this spring, contact our local Olympia, Washington office to schedule an appointment for our licensed plumber to come out to your home.