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Hire an Experienced Plumber for Your Remodel

Plumbing Contractors in Olympia, WA

Hire an Experienced Plumber for Your Remodel

Spring is just around the corner which means that remodeling season will kick in across the Olympia, WA area. If you are planning on tackling a remodeling project in a room of your home that involves plumbing then you want to be sure that you hire an experienced plumber to handle that part of the job. Typically general contractors are not licensed plumbers; therefore they have to contract out for this portion of their remodeling project.

Barbos Plumbing of Olympia, WA provides reliable and affordable plumbing services for home owners across the area. If you are looking for an experienced plumber for your next remodel then contact our office today.

Common plumbing repair issues during a home remodel

It is extremely common for plumbing issues to be revealed during the remodeling process. Think about it. If you are remodeling a room in your home such as a kitchen or bathroom then you are mostly likely going to demo the room. During the demolition process different plumbing fixtures will be revealed, some of which might need attention.

In addition, to fixing any issues found during the demolition process you will also need new plumbing fixtures installed to complete your remodel such as:

  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Showerheads


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