water heater repair olympia wa

Are you Shivering in the Shower Each Morning?

You may need water heater repair services in Olympia, WA

You use hot water to shower, do laundry and clean. If your water heater is broken, it could throw off your entire day. If you need water heater repair services in Olympia, Washington, an experienced plumber from Barbo's Plumbing can handle the job. You'll get efficient service for an affordable price. You'll get to enjoy a relaxing hot shower again in no time at all.

Trust a dedicated plumbing company in Olympia, Washington-make an appointment with Barbo's Plumbing today.

4 signs that your water heater is broken

Do you need a water heater repair? Sometimes the signs are obvious, but other times they’re more subtle. It’s probably time to call a plumber if you notice:

  1. A leaking hot water heater
  2. A lack of hot water when you keep your shower or faucet on
  3. Aging water heater (10+ years old)
  4. Low water pressure

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