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Providing fast and affordable plumbing and water heater installation & repairs in the Olympia, WA area!

Are you knee-deep in a messy plumbing problem? Could you use brand new pipes? Whether you're remodeling a home and need plumbing installed, or you're battling against a clogged toilet and blocked drain, Barbo's Plumbing can handle the job. Our professional plumbing technicians offer installation and repair services for properties in Olympia, Washington and the surrounding areas. When to comes to plumbing even the tiniest problem can cause a huge issue. Here at Barbo's Plumbing no job is too small. We will handle any residential plumbing project that comes our way!

Barbo's Plumbing maintains the flow in Olympia, WA

Everyone needs good plumbing. Because let's face it - everybody poops. If it weren't for us, you'd have no place to go! Make sure your plumbing is professionally and accurately installed with Barbo's Plumbing. Our services include:

We also offer free estimates on all of our services before starting your project. Let's get started today!

The #1 company in the #2 business

Plumbing problems stink! But, we're here to take care of your messiest situations. With over 15 years of experience in the plumbing industry, you can trust us to successfully get your plumbing system back in good condition in no time. With our premium tools and equipment, we offer affordable repair services. We won't drain your checkbook - just your pipes.

Contact Barbo's Plumbing when you're backed up or in need of a new installation. To schedule an appointment, call 360-584-9290 today. We proudly serve Olympia, Washington and the surrounding areas.

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